Your dashboard is a great resource to understand how many times your widget is opened and how many callbacks are requested.

By default, it will show activity across the last 30 days for ALL domains associated with your account. Ensure you select a specific widget on the right hand side for a more comprehensive domain-by-domain breakdown.

What it means: Widget impressions vs widget opens

Widget impressions indicate how many times the phone icon has loaded on your site before the widget (with phone number field) has had a chance to open fully. This data is a great indication of traffic visiting your site.

Widget opens is an important measurement of more substantial engagement with your site/pages. If using the 60-second default, you can assume that if a visitor has stayed long enough to see the widget open up, they're going to be more likely to request a callback, although they won't always do so.  

Tip: Want the widget to open sooner? Edit timings by going to Settings > Automated popup settings. 

Total/connected calls and average duration

Total calls tells you how many calls were requested through the widget. A call is classified as 'connected' if it lasts for more than 5 seconds.

Why didn't my call connect?

There are many reasons why your call may not have been connected - your call report can shed some light on this and allow you to filter/export specific data. If a call hasn't connected, it usually means either an agent missed the call, the customer didn't pick up the callback, or in rare cases, the call failed to connect due to a technical error.

We don't expect 100% of call requests to connect as there are always factors outside of your control affecting this number, as mentioned above. Your percentage is available on the dashboard for monitoring purposes, but as a guideline, anything over 80% is positive.

The other stuff

The chart above shows you any disparity between total vs connected calls. As aforementioned, if you would like to check the reasons for lack of connection, you can head over to your call reports page and filter your missed by agent, missed by customer and other filters to see if there are any patterns you can mitigate. 

Visitor Devices 

A simple breakdown of where your visitors come from. Helpful for looking at optimisation across different devices.

Referring Sites

This one's obvious, but incredibly valuable to see the most common customer origination. Also good for checking the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns.

Follow the link to learn how to track events/goals in Google Analytics.

Agent Activity

More useful for team leaders of agents with a competitive streak. Use this interface to look at call distribution/give praise/start an agent competition.

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