Outcome Tracking is one of our most utilized and helpful features. By attributing outcomes to lead inquiries, your sales team can provide quick and accurate information about your calls.

Further to this,  we offer the ability to schedule a follow-up call based on the outcome of a call.

How it works

Outcomes can be attributed to your calls in two different manners. The first is via a DTMF, or digit, being pressed whilst on the call. Alternatively, the outcome of the call can be decided afterwards via email. Once selected these outcomes are then fed back into your call report. A summary email is then sent each week highlighting the % outcomes.

We allow for 10 different outcomes per widget, these are predetermined by you and are reflective of the DTMF keypad on whichever phone system you are using.

Setting up Outcome Tracking

Step 1 - Login to your  ResponseiQ account. Go to Settings > Outcome Tracking

Step 2 - Toggle on/off - Enable outcome tracking, to enable the outcome tracking feature.

You can also enable/disable the agents ability to select outcomes via DTMF tones.   

Step 3 - Create as many outcomes as you like, but ensure to notify all of your agents.

Select a digit, and give the outcome a name .The name entered will be displayed in the outcome tracking email that your agents receive

You can toggle the "Follow up status" button to enable/disable an automatic follow up call if the respective outcome is logged by the agent. Then, choose the interval time you would like, between the initial call and the follow up call. Click “Add" to confirm.

Tip: You are still able to enable/disable a follow-up call for any outcome or even change the interval duration for the follow-up call, once it has been added.

Once an agent has sent their outcome, it automatically pulls through into the call report: 

To receive weekly outcome reports via email

Go to Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts

Here you can add the email addresses of members of staff who need oversight of the outcome activity.

If you were interested in this article, we also have an article about our End Of Day reporting system here : http://knowledge.responseiq.com/en/articles/3992885-end-of-day-eod-agent-call-outcome-report-emails

Got any ideas or suggestions? We'd love feedback on how we can improve this feature. Drop us an email at support@responseiq.com

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