Are you struggling to accurately attribute the enquiry types you and your agents are handling via ResponseiQ?

Outcome tracking can help.

In short, it allows your agents to submit, via email, a single digit which relates to an outcome (set by you). We then feed these outcomes back into your reports and send a summary email to you each week highlighting the % outcomes, for your analysis.

Step 1: Turning it on and setting it up

Find it in settings by going to Settings > Outcome Tracking

Create as many outcomes as you like, but ensure to notify all of your agents!

2. How to send an outcome

3. Outcomes in Action

Once an agent has sent their outcome, it automatically pulls through into the call report: 

4. Reporting

Go to Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts

Make sure you add email addresses for members of staff who need oversight of the outcome activity.

Coming soon:

Outcomes available in CSV format via the call report.

Got any ideas or suggestions? We'd love feedback on how we can improve this feature. Drop us an email at

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