SMS Lead Campaigns

The ability to automatically send bulk text messages, via a CSV upload

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Steps to activate

1. Once you have logged into your Company Dashboard on ResponseiQ you will see “Lead Campaigns” has now been added to the sidebar menu.

2. Click on “Lead Campaigns''. Then “Create New Campaign” to be redirected

to the campaign creation form.

3. Input a suitable name in the “Campaign name” field.

4. Select “SMS” as the campaign type.

5. Select the SMS template you would like to use for this campaign.

6. Now you can proceed to choose what type of campaign you wish to have:

If the Immediately option is selected, sms’s will start once you finish creating your campaign.

If the Schedule option is selected, you are able to choose a time and date for your sms to start being scheduled from. You are able to select an end time if you only want the campaign to run for a specific time on the selected date.

Note: The time will correspond with current company hours.

7. To prevent duplicate leads from being added, you can enable "check duplicate lead" that will check if the number has been called or an sms sent in "X" days. If the number has been called or an sms has been sent in "X" days the system will send an sms.

8. The CSV file, containing the phone numbers and preferred date as well as any other associated details for each contact can now be uploaded.

Note: An example template can be downloaded to avoid any issues while importing the CSV file. Alternatively, there is an example provided on the left hand side.

Note: When providing a preferred date to send the sms, this must be in the

YYYY-MM-DD format. If the preferred date has already occurred, i.e. in the past, then the sms will be sent immediately.

9. Choose how many SMS’s you want to send out at a time.

If you select “yes”, the system will send all sms’s out at once.

If you select “no”, you can choose how many sms’s should be sent out per minute.

10. Enter the email address that you would like to receive responses to when the lead replies to the sms.

Click on “Save” and you will be directed to the mapping page. Here you can select the column from the CSV that you want to map to the respective field.

Note: Only the phone number field is mandatory, as this is needed to send the SMS. The name and email address of the lead are optional.

You can add custom fields to the sms body by adding additional columns to the CSV. All additional columns will show up on the above menu once the CSV has been added.

Learn more about creating SMS templates - here

Click Submit and your new campaign will now be visible in the list view.

If you are still unsure of anything, please reach out to

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