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Follow up with your leads through lead gen forms, social media prospects and third-party email via SMS conversations.

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ResponseiQ’s callback technology can capture phone number fields anywhere on your site whether it is in contact forms, quote request forms and enquiry forms. Besides being able to generate calls with the potential leads, we are now extending it to allow your business to interact with your opportunities via SMS.

How does it work

Lead Connect via SMS follows the same process as the callback widget or Lead Connect via Callback.

The difference for your sales team will be that rather than having a conversation with a customer via call, they can interact with the leads via SMS.

  • Agents will still receive an email with the data they need to identify and qualify that prospect's browsing activity.

  • Leads will get an instant SMS response using the SMS template setup for a particular Lead Connect email.

  • Any response from the lead on the SMS will be emailed to the agent along with the complete conversation thread.

  • The agent can respond to potential customers via SMS by simply replying to the email received

  • A dedicated report for each SMS conversation can be seen on the ResponseiQ Application as well.

  • If an existing lead, i.e. using the same phone no., raises a Lead Connect SMS requests from a different domain in your company, the request will be treated as a new lead with its respective ticket ID.

  • If an existing lead raises a new request from the same Lead Connect within 30 minutes since its last request, it will be ignored to avoid duplication of leads.

  • If an existing lead raises a new request from a different Lead Connect, but in the same domain, then the incoming request will be updated on the current ticket’s SMS Reports thread for the lead

  • If an existing lead raises a new request from a different Lead Connect in the same domain within 30 minutes since the last request, it will not be treated as duplicate lead and updated on the current ticket’s SMS Reports thread for the lead.

How to set up

  1. Make sure that Lead Connect via SMS feature is enabled for your company. Contact support@responseiq for the same.

  2. Click on Lead Connect in the left navigation and select SMS Templates from the sub-menu. Then choose Add SMS Template.

You then must provide a name for the SMS Template

3. Add the SMS Template Body and embed the variable tags to personalise the message for each lead

You should be able to preview the message in a simulator along with the number of characters in the SMS template body.

4. In the left navigation, select Manage Lead Connect and then click on Add Lead Connect to add a new lead connect email to be used for SMS

5. Create Lead Connect:

You then must name your Lead Connect. This is what will be referred to in the SMS Reports such that you can know which lead connect did bring in the lead.

Note: Please make sure you have created at least one SMS Template in order to create a Lead Connect with SMS as its trigger.

Choosing your method

We have three ways in which we can receive your email form so that we can trigger an SMS

The first involves including us as a Unique RiQ email to the TO or CC field of the web form email. We will generate the Unique RiQ email for you.

The second means you simply forward the email to a ResponseiQ address with a defined subject.

Send us a message at support@responseiq.com. Include an example of the email you receive when a form is submitted (populated, with a real working number). We'll then check that our system is compatible and can read the number with ease. Here is an example of the type of form you can send:

We will then confirm if it works or builds a bespoke solution.

The third medium, as an alternative to email, you can send an API request using the unique lead connect ID.

Learn more about ResponseiQ API Integration - here

Setting up SMS trigger

Select the Lead Connect trigger as SMS which implies that whenever a new lead arrives on the respective Lead Connect email address, an SMS will be sent to the potential customer according to the SMS template configured in the following process

You then must choose an SMS template to be used for sending the initial SMS to the lead. You can also edit the selected SMS template using the SMS Template Body field here

Note: Any edits made in the SMS Template Body here will not be saved to the SMS Template selected

Include us in the CC or TO field

All you need to do is add the Unique RiQ Email to the CC or TO field on your form. This relay will allow our technology to read the number in the form and generate the inbound call.

Then click Submit to confirm. Now, every time a customer enters their number into your web form, you will receive an email, and an SMS will be triggered for the lead.

The next step is the SMS Forwarding Email.

This is tools@responseiq.com. All forms must be forwarded to this address; otherwise, we will not receive the lead's number.

Click Submit to activate the Lead Connect.

Forwarding using Outlook or Gmail

Outlook and Gmail both may have settings which need to be altered so that forwarding can take place.

If using Gmail, you must go into mail Setting. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then toggle 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to'. Add tools@repsonseiq.com.

If using Outlook, Go to Settings > Mail. Then from the Options menu select Mail > Accounts > Forwarding. Turn ON forwarding/Start forwarding > Enter tools@responseiq.com. Click Save.

API Request by Unique Lead Connect ID

When you create a Lead Connect, a Unique Lead Connect ID is generated for the same that you can include when submitting lead information using the ResponseiQ API Call Agents.

Our application will capture the lead information received via API request and generate an email with SMS thread for your agents.

SMS Reports

Click on Lead Connect and select SMS Reports to view the details of interaction with each lead generated from Lead Connect via SMS

You can use Advanced Filters on the SMS reports to refine the records list you intend to view.

Search a specific record by lead’s phone number, lead name, SMS Ticket number or lead’s email. You can also choose to view records from a particular Lead Connect you have in your account and further refine them by date range as well.

Click on the “i” icon to view the lead connect email received from the customer.

Click on “View” icon to view the SMS conversation thread between the lead and the agent

Note: A default SMS will be triggered per lead’s phone number once within 24hrs since the lead was received

The Thread could look like this:

Tip: Agent can reply on the email ticket received by simply clicking on “Reply” button and then typing the message between double round brackets “((<reply message text>))”

You can export the SMS reports by clicking on the “Export CSV” button.

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