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Assign custom tags to your calls based on a particular condition or a set of conditions

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Having a considerable volume of calls, it becomes essential to put in some methods to identify a particular call or set of calls that may be of some specific importance for your business. Call Tagging Manager on the ResponseiQ Application will allow you to create self-made tags assigned to every call if they meet the tagging criteria.

Call tagging helps to categorise calls by internal benchmarks and assist teams in filtering the data even more proficiently.

How to set up call Tagging

Please contact to get this feature enabled for your company account.

  1. Login to your company account on the ResponseiQ platform.

2. From the menu, go to Settings > Call Tagging Manager.

3. Input the Tag Label (mandatory) you intend to be assigned to a call. You can also add a Ruleset Description explaining the conditional tag criteria.

4. You can now add the rules that should be satisfied by a particular call such that it is tagged with the respective tag label.

Outcome: You can choose this attribute to trigger the tagging for a call if the call has a particular outcome

For more detail on Outcome Tracking, here is a link to the Knowledge Base article

Call Duration: You can choose this attribute if you intend to tag a call only if it meets specific criteria related to the call’s duration.

5. Select a comparator to establish the relation of the attribute you choose with intended value for the same such that the call is tagged accordingly

6. Now you need to input the actual value for the rule to be triggered. In the case of Call Duration, you need to provide the duration in seconds, while for outcomes, you will get to choose one value out of the configured outcomes in the outcome tracking.

7. You can choose to add multiple rules to make a ruleset for the tag label by clicking on the “+” button.

As an example, we can add another rule based on the outcome logged for a call and then click on “Add Ruleset”.

8. A new Tag should be added with the above set ruleset.

That’s it! Now any call that call duration above 480 secs and call outcome posted as “Prospect” will be tagged with the label “Good Lead”

Where to find Call Tags data

Call reports

Call tags data shall be available on call reports with an amber colour fill under the “Lead” column.

Call tags can also be accessed under the Call Details pop-up.


You can also filter your call reports data by choosing tags from the Advanced Filters on the call reports.

CSV Export

The call tags will also be available in any CSV export done from the call reports.

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