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ResponseiQ DTMF testing service
ResponseiQ DTMF testing service

Having trouble claiming calls by pressing 1 on your keypad?

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For all Calling Scenarios other than Direct, Agents need to give some inputs after receiving the calls on their phones. Agents give these inputs by pressing Digit Keys on their handsets/SIP Phones/Soft Phones. Once a Digit is pressed it is relayed over the telephone line by means of special signals known as DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency signals).

Clients using SIP or IP Phones/IP-PBX systems to connect to their Telecom Providers, must ensure that their system supports DTMFs in compliance with the RFC-2833 standard. Before testing any calls on the widget please ensure that RFC-2833 DTMFs are enabled on your system and also supported by you SIP Provider/Telecom Carrier in both Upstream and Downstream Directions.

How to test the DTMF tones on your device

The ResponseiQ DTMF testing service can be used to check that your hardware is sending through the correct DTMF signals, used by your agents to claim calls from the ResponseiQ system

  1. Dial +44 113 403 2330 from your device

  2. You should hear an automated message prompting you to press digits on your keypad.

  3. Enter in any digit/s from your keypad, followed by * or #

  4. The system will say the numbers back to you in the order you have entered them


If you are not able to claim a call by pressing ‘1’ or you are not able to enter the valid extension in case of ‘Internal Phone System’ calling:

  1. Ensure that your IP Phones/Handsets are configured to send DTMFs in compliance with RFC-2833. This can be done by ensuring the DTMF MODE is set to RFC-2833 or RFC-4733. It should not be set to INBAND or SIP INFO

Fig 1: PCAP Sample showing support for RFC-2833. It is shown by the media attribute “telephone-event/8000” which should be there in the SDP in 200OK SIP Message

2. Ensure that your IP PBX is configured to relay DTMFs in compliance with RFC-2833.

3. Ensure that your Telecom/SIP Provider allows to pass DTMFs in compliance with RFC-2833 in both Upstream and Down Stream Directions.

Successful Claim Scenario:

Fig 2: Sample Flow of an Ideal Scenario

Fig 3: Sample Flow of a scenario with no DTMF

If you are still having trouble claiming calls via DTMF signals, please contact your telephone provider asking them to ensure RFC-2833 is enabled on your phone systems

Alternative method to claim calls from ResponseiQ

Our Voice-to-Claim feature allows your agents to claim and connect calls using their voice without the manual input of a keypad.

For more info on this feature, click here

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