This feature allows your sales agents to claim and connect calls using their voice without the manual input of a keypad.

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Currently, your sales agents are using a basic keypad input to claim their call. An agent will answer their phone and hear “New Call from Response IQ. Press 1 to be connected.”. They will then continue to press1. Thus, claiming the call (hopefully securing a successful lead). By pressing 1, this sends a DTMF tone which signals the agent wishes to be connected to the call from the provider. This tone is a vital part of the call, which as of now has only been provided by pressing 1 on a keypad.

Our new feature allows a call to be claimed simply by saying “1”, as well as pressing 1. By enabling this feature, we are removing the prospect of an agent not being able to claim a call because of a handset or pressing one VoIP console issue. Our system can now seamlessly send the correct DTMF tone by the power of voice recognition. We do suggest that pressing 1 should still be the preferred method of connecting calls, and Voice-to-Claim used as a backup. Using Voice-to-Claim will be in practice, a failsafe should issues arise with either handset or VoIP provider.

If using the Internal Phone Setting call scenario then this update will not only recognise the input to claim the call but can also be used for an agent to input their all-important extension number, thus identifying who has taken the call.

With the update, an agent’s call can now go like this:
An agent will answer the phone, as usual, and wait to hear the recorded audio prompt from ResponseiQ.This prompt will have automatically updated to a newer version, “New Call from Response IQ. Press 1 or say 1 after the beep to be connected.”. The agent can now say “1”.

If using extension numbers, the agent will then hear “Please enter your extension number now followed by star or Say your extension number after the beep.”. If saying the extension number then there is no need to press or say star. The system will recognise that the agent has finished saying their extension number. Then the call will proceed to connect as they have always done before.

Should your company operate outside of the UK, then we can offer you the option of translated and localised audio prompts (German/French/US accents). The only caveat of changing the prompts from the default English is that the response, be that saying “1” or entering an extension number, must be said inEnglish. Regardless of the change in language.

Contact ResponseiQ support@responseiq.com to enable this feature for your company.

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