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Calendly Integration with ResponseiQ
Calendly Integration with ResponseiQ

How Calendly emails work with ResponseiQ’s Lead Connect service

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1. What is Calendly

Calendly is one of the most popular appointments and meeting scheduling applications for professionals. Eliminating the need to send emails back and forth, thus reducing the administrative work involved.

2. What is ResponseiQ’s Lead Connect

ResponseiQ’s Lead Connect employs our cutting edge instant callback technology which can be embedded anywhere on your web property with a phone number field. The best examples of this are contact forms, quote requests, and emails from third-party applications. As long as a number is included on the form or email, we’ll connect the sales team to that person within seconds.

You can learn more about our Lead Connect service offering here

3. How Calendly Integration with ResponseiQ’s Lead Connect

3.1 Schedule New Call: Once the Calendly email template is configured for your Lead Connect service in ResponseiQ application, our system will automatically capture the following info from Calendly emails

Here is an example of Calendly email ingested by our system:

Following is the data captured from each field identified in the email:

3.2 Cancel a Scheduled Call: In case an appointment is cancelled in Calendly, our system will identify the cancellation email and cancel the call associated with the Invitee Email. This is the lead’s email for ResponseiQ.

An example of the cancellation email received via Calendly :

3.3 Reschedule a scheduled or cancelled call: Often customers request businesses reschedule an appointment. In this case, Calendly sends another email with the new schedule. Similar to cancellation email, our system will recognize the new event date/time in the email and reschedule a call for the lead associated with the invitee email found in the email itself.

3.4 The ResponseiQ application will always associate the lead to the agent on the last email received via Calendly. Along with the email body found in the call reports.

4. Steps to set up

4.1 Contact our support team on to have them configure the Calendly email template for your company account’s Lead Connect set up in the Responseiq application

4.2 Login to your company account in the ResponseiQ application and go to Lead Connect to add or edit an existing Lead Connect

4.3 Make sure that you have selected the correct Lead Connect template in the setting

4.4 Remember to click ‘Submit”

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