Embed our callback technology anywhere on your site with a phone number field. Contact forms, quote request forms and enquiry forms are all excellent for this. Capture customers at the most crucial part of the buying stage - when they're on your site! 

I've already got the widget, why do I need this?

Your sales/CS team are 21 times* more likely to qualify a lead if they follow up within 5 minutes of a customer reaching out. This can give a 25-40% increase in call volume from the same amount of web traffic.  

The longer a customer waits to hear back from you, the more likely they are to go cold or to a competitor who got in touch with them before you even read the submission that landed in your inbox or CRM system. This product allows you to beat the competition and convert hot leads immediately.

Instant Lead Response follows the exact same process as the callback widget

The only difference for your sales team is the voice you hear on the phone. 'You have a call...' is replaced by 'You have a new email lead from (insert name of form/social media page here)'. Agents will still receive an email with the data they need to identify and qualify that prospect's browsing activity. 

NOTE: You will only receive these calls during working hours. 

Getting set up

Send us a message at support@responseiq.com. Include an example of the email you receive when a form is submitted (populated, with a real working number). We'll then check that our system is compatible and can read the number with ease. Here is an example of the type of form you can send:

We will then confirm if it works or build a bespoke solution.

Next, select Instant Lead Response from the sidebar menu. Then select Add Instant Lead Response.

You then must name your Instant Lead Response. This is what your agents will hear as the alias when answering the phone. 

Choosing your method

We have two ways in which we can receive your email form so that we can trigger a callback

The first, involves including us as a Unique RiQ email to the TO or Cc field of the webform email. We will generate the Unique RiQ email for you. 

The second, means you simply forwarding the email to a ResponseiQ address with a defined subject.

Include us in the CC or TO field 

  1. All you need to do is add this to the CC or TO field on your form. This relay will allow our technology to read the number in the form and generate the inbound call. 

2. The number will only be able to be read if the template is correct. This will either be one that we have created bespoke to your webform or if we have confirmed that it is possible to use the Universal (Default) template. 

3. Then click Submit to confirm. Now, every time a customer enters their number into your webform during your working hours, you will receive an inbound call.

Forward email to us

Once this option is selected, then the Webform Email needs to be added. This is the email address to which the form is sent to. 

After the webform email has been added then the Email Subject needs to be defined. This is the way in which we identify the email forms. We suggest the subject bears similarity to the name of the form. 

The next step is the Forwarding Email. This is tools@responseiq.com. All forms must be forwarded to this address otherwise we will not receive the lead's number. Thus, a call will not be triggered. 

As for the CC or TO field method, the template must be confirmed by us as to whether a bespoke template is needed. This applies here too. 

Once this has been confirmed, click Submit to activate the Instant Lead Response. 

Forwarding using Outlook or Gmail

Outlook and Gmail both may have setting which need to be altered so that forwarding can take place. 

If using Gmail, you must go into mail Setting. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then toggle 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to'. Add tools@repsonseiq.com.

If using Outlook, Go to Settings > Mail. Then from the Options menu select Mail > Accounts > Forwarding. Turn ON forwarding/Start forwarding > Enter tools@responseiq.com. Click Save. 

*(As published in the Harvard Business Review,
research by James Oldroyd, PHD, visiting research fellow at M.I.T & David Elkington of InsideSales.com. The study incorporated 15,000 unique leads and over 100,000 call attempts.)

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