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How to duplicate settings from one widget to another
How to duplicate settings from one widget to another

You can now instantly import all widget data and settings onto a new URL within your account

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Do you want to set up another domain but don't have time to upload all your agents? Maybe you're setting up another site and want to easily and quickly duplicate settings from an existing domain? Now you can, and it's very easy.

First, simply set up a new domain in My Widget Domains > New Widget

If you have multiple configured on your account, you can select which settings to import onto your new widget (as shown above). 

Once you have submitted the request, you will find that your new widget is an exact replica of the one you selected. Any agents, timings and customisation preferences will be copied over.

This allows you to focus on the settings that you might want to change for this domain - we highly recommend reviewing and editing the Widget Customisation tab for your new widget.

You can also add/remove any agents that aren't needed, or look at changing the pop-up settings for your new widget. 

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