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How to customise the pop-up widget, speech bubble and wording
How to customise the pop-up widget, speech bubble and wording

How to change the text, colour and positioning of your callback feature

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Branding is key to your business, which is why we recommend that you bring your widget in line with your site's colour scheme. To customise your widget, head to the Widget Customisation tab.


To find the correct colour code to match your site's logo/background, simply right click the section of your site with the colour you want to replicate and select 'inspect'. By searching for 'background' you will likely find your (hex) colour code (prefixed by a #) which you can paste into your Customise Widget page. Your window should look a bit like this:

If you can't find the code, there are also lots of colour-picking browser extensions and software available to help you out, such as this free one

You can also choose which language you'd like your widget to be in by using the dropdown menu - we currently support English, French and German.

Please note: You will need to copy/paste the code into the theme boxes; you won't be able to type them in.


Now it's time to customise the content that displays on your widget. Each section is explained below:

Positioning - Choose whether the widget sits on the bottom left or bottom right side of your webpage.
Widget Screens and Speech Bubble - Choose which widget screen you want to customise content for (eg callback, out of hours etc.) by selecting from the dropdown list.
- Use these fields to give users context as to what the widget is for, and which team they'll be getting a call from. This will help reduce calls that may be inappropriate/irrelevant.
Widget Image - Browse to add your company logo. Make sure this is a square image or it will not fit properly.
Placeholder text - This is what is displayed in the field where the customer enters their number. We recommend you keep this as the pre-set 'Enter your number' but feel free to amend to suit your company's tone of voice.
Button/schedule call button - These fields are pretty self-explanatory. You shouldn't need to change the buttons much aside from giving them your own company flair if you wish.
Pop-up body text -
We recommend ensuring your pop-up body text has a clear call to action for your web visitors. If you can mention your callback time (ideally 27 seconds) this should make visitors even more likely to call.

Different pages, different widgets

If you have a page on your site which requires a slightly different message or colour scheme, you can also create and set specific triggers based on URL and keywords .

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