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Email notifications for missed, claimed and scheduled calls
Email notifications for missed, claimed and scheduled calls

Ensure the right team members see callback activity

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To begin, go to:

Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts

By default, missed and scheduled call alerts will go to all agents set up on your account. Emails for claimed calls will only go to the agent who claims it.

The scheduled time in the email notification will be in your country's local time. For example, if someone in Spain schedules a call in their timezone, you will get a notification displaying when the call is due in your timezone.

If you don't want your agents to receive these emails, you can add an alternative email address or addresses in Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts, as shown below.

If your team has five or more people in it, we recommend only adding one or two email addresses to all fields so your agents aren't inundated with emails that aren't relevant to them. This way, only team leaders/managers etc. will receive them for monitoring purposes.

Your agents will still receive email notifications for any claimed calls.

If you would like certain team members to receive these alerts in addition to your agents, you can add them in this section (see below). There are options to receive notifications for missed calls, claimed calls, scheduled calls and lead revisits (learn more about that here) - we recommend adding your team leaders' or sales managers' emails so they can monitor activity.

If you need any help setting up email notifications, please get in touch at

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