Lead Revisit Emails

We can help you keep track of warm prospects by notifying you when they return to your site.

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Sales can be a long game - we're here to help your agents track prospects who are interested in buying from you but won't do so on the spot. It's a great tool for keeping track of warm leads and making timely and effective communication with them so they don't fall off the radar.

What it looks like:

Example scenario

  1. A prospect uses the widget. Agent A claims the call and discusses the product they're interested in. They can't commit on the phone as they need to finalise dates and discuss with their nearest and dearest. 

  2. The prospect returns to your site after 24 hours and a Lead Revisit Email is triggered, notifying Agent A. They will continue to receive emails every time that lead comes back within a certain time frame.

  3. Agent A is now equipped with detailed information, including the initial conversation if your call recording is switched on. 

Managing alerts

(Please contact your Account Manager to turn this setting on.)

We know that decision making on high ticket items isn't always instant, so it's likely your prospect will come back to your site within the same week they had their initial service enquiry. 

You can request a notification for the intervals above, but they will only trigger once 24 hours have passed since the initial connection. If you select 1 hour, the following scenario will occur:

A web visitor uses your widget at 2pm on 5th May and then revisits at 3pm on the 6th May. An email will go out to the sales agent, and that agent will then continue to get an email every time that person comes back outside the defined limit.
If they come back at 4pm on the 6th, another alert will be sent, 5pm or later and another is sent, and so on. If they revisit on the 5th Jan at 5pm nothing will happen due to the 24-hour rule, and if they revisit on the 6th Jan before 3pm, nothing will happen as it's less than an hour since their last visit.

The agent can turn off these alerts entirely for this customer within the body of the email.

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