We don't need to tell you that GDPR compliance is of the utmost importance to every European business right now, and we've tried to make it integrate as seamlessly and painlessly as we can. That being said, if you have any comments or requests you can reach us at support@responseiq.com.

Turning it on

This option is OFF by default. As we are the processor we give you the option to turn this mechanism on.

Go to Settings > GDPR Consent Mechanism - After turning ON and clicking update you'll automatically be taken the customisation area.

What's changed

Note, these screens will only  appear if you turn on the consent mechanism by following the instructions above.

We've added a consent screen which appears after someone requests an instant or scheduled callback by entering their phone number. This consent screen will only appear for visitors in the EU. If you have turned it on the popup sequence will be as follows:

Widget as normal, someone enters their normal and clicks 'call me now'. This screen will appear.

If that lead clicks 'Do Not Call' they are presented with a final chance screen.

If that lead clicks 'Do Not Call' again they will return to your page with no further messages and of course if they agree, the call will go through.


Both of these screens can be edited and changed in the same way as the standard popup. This allows you to choose the tone of your consent message and ensure it adheres to your company standpoint. 

Widget customisation > Widget screens and speech bubble

GDPR Data Subject Access Request

For all GDPR related Subject Access Requests please email support@responseiq.com.

Other information on how GDPR has affected your ResponseiQ experience can be found here.

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