Lead Connect Temporary Override

Turn off predefined email lead sources and prioritize high-value lead sources with the click of a button.

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During busy days and/or peak seasons you may want to turn off certain lead sources and prioritize high-value sources. The Lead Connect Temporary Override feature allows you to easily view all Lead Connect sources associated with each domain in the ResponseiQ application and select which Lead Connect sources should be turned on/off when the master override button is switched on.

How to set up a temporary override

1. Login to your company account on the ResponseiQ platform.

2. From the menu, go to Lead Connect > Temporary Override.

Note: The master override button is turned off by default.

3. Click on the domain name to expand the Lead Connect table associated with the domain and you will be able to toggle the Temporary Override switch for each Lead Connect.

3.1. If the Temporary Override is turned on for a specific Lead Connect, that Lead Connect will not generate calls while the master override button is active.

4. Select which Lead Connects should not generate calls when the master override button is active.

5. Activate the master override button and all specified Lead Connects will not generate calls, while switched on.

Future dated calls

If you have a “preferred time to call” in your email inquiries and the calls are scheduled for a future date, the Temporary Override feature will not prevent these emails from scheduling calls in the system.

Instead, the feature will only prevent the selected Lead Connects from generating calls while the master override button is active.

If the master override button is deactivated before the scheduled date of any future dated calls, these calls will be generated as usual.

If you need any assistance with this, please contact us using the chat icon below or by emailing support@responseiq.com.

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