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Can I add ResponseiQ to my Unbounce landing pages?
Can I add ResponseiQ to my Unbounce landing pages?
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Adding the ResponseiQ code to your Unbounce pages couldn't be any easier. We have outlined the steps below on how to add our code to your Unbounce pages. Once added the ResponseiQ widget will appear on all your Unbounce landing pages.

Steps to setup

1. Within the Unbounce Page Editor, click on Javascripts at the bottom of the page.

2. Label the Script Name appropriately and click on Before Body End Tag as the placement option.

3. Copy and Paste the ResponseiQ code and click Done on the bottom right-hand side.

Note: If the widget will be used on multiple landing pages then add script via the script manager, which can be found within the relevant client page by clicking on settings via the navigation bar on the left. Then click the Script Manager.

Should you require any assistance, you can also reach out to us at

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