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Adding ValueTrack to your Google Ads
Adding ValueTrack to your Google Ads
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Attribute your calls and form submissions with the campaigns and keywords you're using in Google Ads. To see this information in the ResponseiQ call reports, add a tracking template to your Google ads.

Adding an optimized tracking template will allow you to see specific campaign information about the people who call or submit a form to your business.

Adding Tracking Templates at the Account Level

Note: We recommend setting your tracking template at the account-level in your Google Ads account. Use this set of instructions to add your tracking template to all ads.

Steps to set up

  1. Once you've logged into Google Ads, select the account you'd like to update, then choose All Campaigns.

2. Click Settings on the lefthand side of the page, then account settings.

3. Keep the first option selected for Set tracking template. Then, type {lpurl} and add your tracking template. In this case, {lpurl} represents your final URL, so you won't have to manually enter your ad URLs.

4. Copy and paste this into your tracking template field.



5. Click Apply to create and save your tracking template.

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