Conversion Tracking via ResponseiQ's HubSpot Integration
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ResponseiQ has a robust ecosystem for third party integrations, primarily with CRM systems like HubSpot. With Conversion Tracking, we are taking our HubSpot Integration up by a few notches.

Often your leads in the ResponseiQ reports are updated using ResponseiQ’s Outcome Tracking. However, there is no way to mark a lead “Converted” based on the follow-up interaction with a lead whose status is often updated in the CRM itself. Initially, ResponseiQ HubSpot Integration was being used to share the data from our application to your HubSpot account. Still, now, you will be able to fetch data from your HubSpot account to the ResponseiQ application starting with Conversion Tracking. Following are a few features of the Responseiq Conversion Tracking via HubSpot Integration:

  • ResponseiQ HubSpot Integration will fetch the configured value of a HubSpot custom property.

  • Based on the value matching to the conversion tracking setup in ResponseiQ, a lead shall be marked as “Converted”

  • ResponseiQ call reports will display a tag “Converted” for the respective lead.

How to Setup Conversion Tracking:

  1. Please ensure that HubSpot Integration is configured and Conversion Tracking feature is enabled for your company in the ResponseiQ application.

  2. To set up Conversion Tracking, go to the Global Settings menu and click on Conversion Tracking.

3. Click the “Install” icon on the Conversion Tracking setup screen and follow the instructions.

4. You will now be redirected to HubSpot where you may need to login and then select a HubSpot account you intend to set up conversion tracking with.

5. Proceed to install the ResponseiQ App for your HubSpot account by clicking on “Connect app”.

6. Once the app is installed successfully, you will be redirected back to the ResponseiQ application interface to continue setup by selecting a custom HubSpot property from your HubSpot account.

7. After selecting the property, input the property value that the ResponseiQ app will look for in your HubSpot account to mark a lead as “Converted” in the ResponseiQ call reports.

Congratulations! You have now successfully set up Conversion Tracking for your ResponseiQ account with HubSpot.

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