What is an EOD Agent Call Outcome Report Email?

The EOD Call Outcome Report Emails feature allows our platform to send daily reports to your agents, encouraging them to log outcomes against each call they claimed during the day. The platform will send an overview of the interactions they had for the current day, allowing them to log as well as update the outcomes for all the calls they claimed during their shift.

How it Works

Once you enable the EOD Call Outcome Report Email, you will be able to set a time for sending out these emails to your agents. The ResponseiQ system will collate the list of all calls claimed by a respective agent and email them at the set time.

Call Statistics

The EOD email to an agent will give the following statistics:

  • Total Calls Connected

  • Total Calls Claimed

  • No. of Outcomes Logged

These statistics will give the agent a fair idea of how many calls have been claimed versus how many outcomes are pending to be logged

2.2. List of Calls

The list given in the email will have the columns — Call-ID, Lead (Phone No./Email), Call Status, CRM Link, Time & Duration of the call, Outcome

An agent can choose to log an outcome for each call whether there is a previously logged outcome against it or not.

3.  Step by Step to Set-up EOD Call Outcome Report Emails

3.1.  Login to your company account on the ResponseiQ platform

3.2.  From the menu go to Settings > Outcome Tracking to ensure that Outcome Tracking is enabled for the domain

3.3.  Now go to Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts 

scroll down to view the email alert settings for EOD Call Outcome Report Emails

3.4. Enable the Outcome Report Alert Emails 

3.5.  Choose the time of the day at which you intend the ResponseiQ application send outcome report alert emails on

Tip: The time you choose will be set as per the timezone set up for the master domain of the company

Your agents will now start receiving EOD Call Outcome Report Emails daily at the configured time.

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