Our Scheduler feature will enable you to view scheduled calls in a calendar view. This gives you a clearer idea about your team’s workload, with a choice of views between Month, Week, Day, or as a List. The calls displayed over the Scheduler could be from any of the ResponseiQ products you are using — Call-back Widget, Lead Connect, or Campaigns.

How it works:

  • By displaying an easy-to-use calendar interface with clear visibility to upcoming scheduled calls for your company. These calls include the calls scheduled by your customers via call-back widget, Lead Connect or either scheduled by your team via a new campaign

  • The view makes it easy to identify the source of the call scheduled owing to the unique colour code for Call-back widget, Lead Connect & Campaigns depicted each by blue, orange and green respectively

  • You can proactively choose to view details associated with each scheduled call without needing to go to call reports each time

  • You can choose the Advance Filters given above to filter the calls you intend to view on the scheduler by limiting the date range, a particular product or domain in your company

For example, should you choose to pick a singular date then the day will be partitioned into hours. From this you will be able to select the individual hour and the individual calls and their details, due you take place within that hour. As seen below.

Where to find it: 

Log in to your Company Dashboard on ResponseiQ. Then access the Call Reports tab. Once there, click 'Future Call Schedule - Diary View' in the top right had corner. 

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