Email Lead Connection Delay

Allow yours agents time to prepare for Lead Connect calls

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The Email Lead Connection Delay feature will give you the ability to add a delay between an agent claiming a call and creating the second leg (connecting to a customer). The reason for this delay is to give agents more time to receive, find and digest the contents of the form so they are better prepared for the call.

Agents have control over when they want to connect the call with the lead. Allowing them time to receive and read the emails. Agents will hear the system prompt instructing them to press “1” to connect with the lead. You will be able to configure the maximum amount of time to delay the call before the call is automatically connected. 

Steps to set up Email Lead Connection Delay

You will be able to manage Email Lead Connection Delay in the Email Lead Connection Delay Settings in the Company Settings

Select the time you want to delay the connection of your agent's leg with the lead leg from Maximum Connection Delay Time

Note: As an example, if you choose 3 minutes as the maximum delay time, if the system does not receive any DTMF response from the agent to connect within the time then the call will automatically connect. Alternatively, should the agent want to connect before the 3 minutes is up then they can simply press 1 again. 

Make sure that the Email Lead Connection Delay feature is set to “Active” for it to be applicable on the calls

You must then click Submit for the settings to be active.

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