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The ability to automatically generate calls at a scheduled time, via a CSV upload

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The ResponseiQ Lead Campaigns feature will give customers the ability to automatically generate calls at a scheduled time, via a CSV upload. This feature is designed for the scenario of when users wish to generate calls to leads at certain times.

The feature will allow users to set up a campaign by importing a CSV file to the application with the chosen start date and time for the calls to be scheduled into our system. Users will also have the ability to set time interval between calls.

Steps to set up a Campaign

  1. Once you have logged into your Company Dashboard on ResponseiQ and you will see Lead Campaigns has now been added to the sidebar menu.

2. Click on Lead Campaigns. Then “Create New Campaign” to be re-directed to the campaign creation form

3. Input a suitable name in “Campaign name” field

4. Now you can proceed to choose what type of campaign you wish to have:

If the Immediately option is selected, calls will start once you finish creating your campaign.

If the  Schedule option is selected, you are able to choose a time and date for your calls to start being scheduled from. You are able to select an end time if you only want the campaign to run for a specific time on the selected date.

Note: The time will correspond with current company hours. 

5. The “Interval Time” you wish to have between each call can then be set. Choosing from 1 to 60 minutes. 

6. To prevent duplicate leads from being added and called, you can enable "check duplicate lead" that will check if the number has been called in "X" days. If the number has been called in "X" days the system will not schedule a call.

7. The CSV file, containing the phone numbers and preferred call date as well as any other associated details for each contact can now be uploaded.

Note: An example template can be downloaded to avoid any issues while importing the CSV file. Alternatively, there is an example provided on the lefthand side.

Note: When providing a preferred date for the call to occur this must be in the
YYYY-MM-DD format. If the preferred date has already occurred, ie in the past, then the call with be scheduled for the next available time slot.

7. Click on “Save” and your new campaign will now be visible in the list view now

How to manage a Campaign

Once a campaign is set up, the Action Buttons can be used for each campaign to perform different operations explained as follows:

  • Delete Campaign

The “Delete” icon can be used to remove a campaign from the list, however, the associated data for the calls that happened during the active tenure of the campaign could still be found in the call reports.

  • Pause Campaign

Useful if your agents get flooded with more calls than expected, you can always choose to “Pause” an ongoing campaign which will cancel all the calls scheduled from the current time onwards.

  • Resume Campaign

You can “Resume” a paused campaign when you think that your agents will be able to address more calls. Resuming the campaign will re-schedule only the calls that were cancelled when the campaign was last paused.

You will be able to choose the campaign type and choose a new interval time to resume scheduling calls for the leads pending from the campaign.

  • View Calls

Since a campaign will have many call records associated with the leads imported via CSV, you can use the “View Calls” button to be redirected to the call reports to view the associated call details. 

Call reports will display the calls only associated with the respective campaign. 

Note: Use the “i” icon to view all the details associated with a lead along with its associated data that was imported via CSV.

  • Export CSV

There could be cases when a CSV might contain invalid numbers, ResponseiQ app will display the above icon to “Export CSV for invalid numbers”. You can export a CSV that will list down the invalid numbers found in the CSV that was imported along with the exact error associated with a respective phone number.

If you are still unsure of anything, please reach out to support@responseiq.com

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