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Global Holiday Closures
Global Holiday Closures

We've launched a feature that allows you to set up global holiday rules for your Widgets and Lead Connect forms.

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You can now override any existing agent or out of hours settings to easily manage your calls when you close for holidays. Please note this feature allows you to set up holidays for whole days, only.

Steps to Set up

Log in to your Company Dashboard on ResponseiQ

Go to Settings and select Global Holiday Settings

Type in a Holiday Title to make it easy to refer to later.

Select the Start Date for the holiday - Day starts at 12:00am.

Select the End Date for the holiday - Day ends at 11:59pm.

Note: If you want to book a single day holiday set the Start Date and End Date to the same day.

If you would like visitors to your site to be able to schedule callbacks during your holiday, you can allow that here. 

Choose the Widget(s) you want the holiday to be applied to.

Click “Submit” to save holiday setting.

If you want to edit or delete any existing holiday settings you can do so by clicking on the icons show below.

If you would like to customise your holiday settings to include partial days please contact us on

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