HubSpot Integration with ResponseiQ

ResponseiQ’s HubSpot integration will enable you and your team to seamlessly capture contact information, as well as other valuable information about events associated with calls. We understand there is a huge amount of valuable data within your CRM. By adding the data from sales calls into the CRM you are only adding  greater value for your teams to generate even better results for your business. 

How it works

  • Each time a call is connected, our integration with HubSpot will check if the lead contact number is a previously existing contact on HubSpot. This is done by using the phone number as the primary Identifier. If the phone number does not exist, a new contact will be created automatically. However, If the contact exists in the HubSpot already, the call event will be added as a new note on the contact’s timeline respectively.


  • There are a variety of details associated with each call. These could include call recording, the caller’s phone number, the landing URL, call length, etc. All of this is invaluable information. We will log the specific details of the event with a note associated with each call. This includes call events such as call started, call claimed, call connected, etc.




HubSpot's End Points

HubSpot Contacts: Every new incoming call will be created as a new contact in your existing HubSpot CRM. This is useful so that you do not miss on any newly acquired customers for your sales team to keep track of.

TIP: Make sure your existing contact’s numbers are populated in the “Phone number” field of HubSpot and not the “Mobile phone number”. This will enable our integration to be able to search through existing phone numbers and avoid contact duplication.

HubSpot Timeline Events: In a scenario, where an incoming call customer already exists in your HubSpot contacts, the new call will be automatically created as a new timeline event under the existing contact. This means that  your team always has an updated activity timeline to close more business.

Steps to activate

  1. Log in to your Company Dashboard on ResponseiQ
  2. Go to Settings and select HubSpot Integration

3. Input your HubSpot API Key

TIP: To access your HubSpot API Key please follow these simple steps:

4. You can choose the Events you intend to be logged for a contact in your HubSpot instance. 


5. Now select the widgets you intend to log events for in the HubSpot instance.

Note: By default, all existing or newly added widgets will be enabled for the HubSpot integration.

6. You can choose Activate/De-activate the HubSpot Integration with ResponseiQ as and when you intend to

7. Submit to save the HubSpot Integration Settings for your company in ResponseiQ

The ResponseiQ application will now successfully be integrated with HubSpot 

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