Firstly, ensure you are in the widget you want to add the agent/s to. If you want to add the same agent across each, you will need to click into each widget individually and replicate this process:

Next, go to the Agents tab within your selected widget:

Click on 'Add New Agent'

The way you add an agent will depend on the call setting you use. If you have agents set up on their direct lines, you will need to add their numbers and set their individual openings times, as shown here:

If your agents are operating off of one mainline number, they will have extensions, and you will need to add this when setting up the agent:

Don't forget, agents on a mainline number don't need individual opening hours, as they operate off the main hours set in the first screen on your agents tab:

Have a list of agents to upload? Please email us on for a batch upload request.

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