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How does scheduling work for visitors in different time zones?
How does scheduling work for visitors in different time zones?

Understanding the logic behind international scheduling

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If you're an international business and operating in a different timezone to prospective visitors, you'll understand the benefit of offering callback availability at times which suit all your customers.

We'll only show time slots after 8am and before 11pm in the visitor's timezone, even if there are technically slots available. This is to ensure they are not accidentally requesting callbacks at times where your team are highly unlikely to be online. 

We automatically convert the availability/working hours you provided us with for your timezone into their timezone. We also automatically detect a user's timezone, and will show them the correct phone/country code and timezone for their location.

As another safeguard, we also show 12 and 24 hour time, as well as reiterating if the time slot available is in the morning/afternoon or evening.

If you're not confident your scheduled call was meant to happen at the time it did, you can check the time the visitor saw and selected.

How to check what time an international visitor scheduled (in their timezone)

Sometimes visitors request callbacks at times that don't seem right. We have robust logic in place to ensure that visitors understand the time they are scheduling their callback for.

To see this, navigate to the scheduled call and click the 'i' button on the far right.

At the bottom of the details page, you'll see the exact text the visitor saw and what they selected when they requested a callback. You'll also see that the visitor saw the time in 12 and 24 hour format, followed by confirmation that the time refers to the afternoon, as opposed to, say, early morning.

If you're unsure why a customer selected a time and missed the call, rest assured it was probably a mistake made as they may not have realised your business is offering converted time slots and they probably didn't check the specifics. 

Still confused?

In summary, ResponseiQ does all of the boring timezone maths and has plenty of safeguards in place to assist connecting you with anyone in the world, at a suitable time. Having said all of this, people are still people - we can all make mistakes from time to time and this feature is no different. On occasion, people might request a callback at the wrong time, but you can always attempt to call the person back via the email you received so you don't lose them.

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