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It couldn't be easier to track RiQ events on your GA account

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*Update* We've moved over to events-based tracking so you can track the most important parts of the widget journey. 

How to get set up

Watch our explainer video or follow the written instructions below:

On the ResponseiQ platform, go to Settings > Google Analytics Integration > Add Google Analytics 

Don't forget, if you have multiple domains, you must set up each one separately on the RiQ platform with its own unique tracking ID.

How to find your tracking ID on GA (source)

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account

  2. Click 'Admin'

  3. Select an account from the menu in the 'Account' column

  4. Select a property from the menu in the 'Property' column

  5. Under 'Property', click Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page. (source)

Just copy/paste it into the box, hit submit and the events will start tracking in your analytics account.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one domain set up on your RiQ account, you will need to set up each one individually. Each domain will be a different property in GA and have a different tracking ID.

What events can I track?

The events are in four categories and you can choose which ones you wish to track. Here's what your dashboard will look like; the explanations are below.

Widget Events

Widget Click and Popup events

These show when a user has clicked on your widget or the widget has opened fully during a browsing session (the default is after 60 seconds, but you may have changed this to be quicker/slow in your popup settings.) These events are great for identifying serious visitor engagement. The individual events are: 

  1. Phone Icon Clicked - Triggered every time the phone icon is clicked

  2. Widget Auto Popup - Triggered every time your widget message is auto shown 

  3. Widget Close Icon Clicked - Triggers every time the widget close icon is clicked

  4. Schedule Button Clicked - Triggers every time the schedule button is clicked

  5. Call Now Button Clicked - Triggers every time the call now button is clicked

Widget Call Events

These are triggered by actual callback requests and will match the call data in your call reports. This is a powerful mechanism to add to GA as you will be able to directly measure which channels are driving the most callback requests on your site. These events include: 

  1. Instant Widget Connected Call - Triggers when a instant callback is requested and succeeds (credit is used)

  2. Instant Widget Requested Call - Triggers when an instant callback is requested 

  3. Scheduled Widget Connected Call - Triggers when a scheduled callback call is completed and is a success (credit used)

  4. Scheduled Widget Requested Call - Triggers every time a scheduled call is requested on the widget

Call Tracking Events

This event will be triggered when an incoming call is connected between the lead and an agent. This event can specifically be used to set goals around the number of incoming calls generated via ResponseiQ Call Tracking service.

  1. Total Calls by Call Tracking Dynamic - The event is fired when lead dials and agent side starts to ring.

  2. Total Calls By Call Tracking Static - Triggers when an incoming call via static tracking (offline) pool is connected successfully

Lead Connect Events

If you are using Lead Connect, you will be glad to know that our GA integration covers this feature. We currently have two GA events, but don't worry, we are working on adding more granular events for Lead Connect. The current events are:

  1. Lead Connect Submission - Triggers when a form or API request with Lead Connect is submitted

  2. Lead Connect Requested Call - Triggers when a call is requested from the form or API request submission

  3. Lead Connect Connected Call - Triggers when a Lead Connect call is connected successfully 

Call Status Events

This selection allows you to see ALL event categories in one event, summarising all requested and connected calls. Note - connected calls here refer to all calls which used at least 1 credit. The two events are:

  1. Total Requested Calls - This is the total of all the requested calls and triggers when any of these events are triggered: Lead Connect submission, Scheduled Widget requested Call, and Instant Widget Requested Call.

  2. Total Connected Calls - This is the total number of completed successful calls and triggers when any of these events are triggered: Lead Connect Connected Call, Scheduled Widget Connected Call, and Instant Widget Connected Call.

  3. Outcome Tracking - This event will be logged when an outcome is logged for any connected call

Don't see an event you would like to track? We love working with our customers to ensure we are continuously delivering products that actually help you.

If you want to make a request, click on the button below to share your ideas and suggestions with us.


Setting up Google Analytics Goals

To make the most of our GA integration and have the best insight at your fingertips, we would strongly advise that you set up events as GA Goals. This will allow you to see which channels are driving the most calls, as well as reviewing where ResponseiQ calls fit into your user journey.

Full instructions can be accessed here.

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