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Get a daily/weekly/monthly ResponseiQ activity report
Get a daily/weekly/monthly ResponseiQ activity report

Monitor ResponseiQ performance on your site with summary reports

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In addition to your daily report, you can now get a weekly or monthly call report. It'll be emailed directly to you and your team, and tells you everything you need to know about your call volumes, where your calls are coming from and more! 

The report gives you an overall picture of activity across all the domains sitting under your account. It also breaks down activity for each domain, with a separate section for Lead Connect.

Here's what a typical daily report looks like:

You can enter as many recipients as you like, and we'll send it out at 6am every morning (in your local timezone).

Weekly and monthly reports will look similar to this, but include more data. If you turn these emails on, they'll be sent to you at 6am every Monday, and on the first day of each month, respectively. You cannot customise the start/end date but if you need to extract specific data, you can still plug your required dates into the call reports and download a CSV file. 

How to set up an activity report

Setting up reports takes seconds. Just go to:

Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts > Reports

Check the reports you want to receive, and enter as many recipients as you like (make sure you separate them with a comma).

Please note, enabling the report on one sub-widget will activate the report for ALL widgets. You cannot have a report for one sub-widget only.

If you have any questions or feedback on how to improve the report, please email - we'd love to hear from you!

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