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Frequently asked questions about ResponseiQ
Frequently asked questions about ResponseiQ

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What counts as a credit?

One credit is used for any connected call to a UK or US number lasting from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. A call that is 11 minutes or longer will use up two credits. Calls to other countries might cost more, as explained below.

What are premium credit countries?

Premium credit countries are locations which have multiplier charges - see them all by going to My Account > My Subscriptions >  See Premium Credit Countries.

Will the correct country code show for international visitors?

Please remember that the country code on the widget changes depending on visitor location. We use scrambled IPs and cookie info to interpret location to make sure we are in compliance with GDPR. 

Do I have to do anything when a call is scheduled?

No. If you are set up to receive scheduled call emails, you don't need to worry about taking any action. We will call your team at the requested time and connect you to the customer as normal. 

Can I change the text on my widget?

Yes, you can change everything! Please navigate to our dedicated article about this to find out how.

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