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How to create departments with multiple agents
How to create departments with multiple agents

Give your visitors the choice to speak to the relevant team with a simple drop-down

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If your departments are small (under five people) you can still set them up with one number and one email address. This is a great option if you're not bothered about the claimed email notifications going to the right agent. Find out how to do that here. To remind you, it looks like this:

If you have a large team and are using our one number, multiple agents setting, you can set up departments which route to the relevant agents. They will still receive claimed call emails directly to their inbox and your call reports will show exactly who is taking calls in each unique department you set up.

If you want your agents to receive claimed call emails to assist with their calls, this setting is perfect for you.

How to set up departments 

Please note, all departments must be in the same time zone for this feature to work.

Head to your app and go to Agents > Company Hours. Here you can easily add and name departments or teams.

Make sure each department has a unique hunt group number which only calls the agents in that team. You will need to enter those numbers in this section along with any IVR menu options.

Once you have saved these settings, you're all set! Our technology will route the calls depending on the department the visitor has selected for their callback, you just need to make sure the agents attached to each department number know their extension numbers.


Setting up departments also enables you to easily distinguish which calls were requested and routed to certain departments. Head to the Call Report tab to see this info. 

To look at specific department stats, go to Call Reports > Advanced Filters, enter your requirements as normal and download the CSV file - you will notice there is now a Department column. If you want to review information on a particular department, you can do this by selecting it in the drop-down menu on the Advanced Filters tab. 

Agent List

Even though you have departments set up, you don't need to worry about setting up your agents in a certain way. Their extension number is the unique identifier, and as the call is routed by a phone number unique to that department, calls will always go through to the right people. 

You can add new agents regardless of their department in the Agents tab as normal. 

Need help setting up departments or agents? Drop us an email at

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