Do you already have a 'Request a Callback' button or form on your site? Do you regularly send out campaigns inviting new or existing customers to promotional pages?

Save time and improve UX by implementing the following tips and tricks.

Shortcut: Make the widget pop up on any URL without new codes or edits

This quick trick is great for web pages where you want the widget to pop up instantly. It's particularly useful when you're generating traffic off the back off social media promotions, email campaigns etc.

All you need to do is add ?responseiq=custom to the end of any URL (it really is that simple!)

How to trigger the popup on a button or section on your page

This is a great idea if you already have a 'request a callback' icon on your site which invites visitors to submit their details. All you need to do is instruct your developers to add the following to the class of the trigger button/link:


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