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Pressing 1 but nothing is happening
Pressing 1 but nothing is happening

What to do if you can't connect or your digits aren't recognised

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Pressing the '1' key is the golden rule of collecting a ResponseiQ callback. No matter which call setting you're on, you will need to press 1 to tell our system you're ready and raring to go.

But what happens if you press it and the voice keeps repeating on a loop, or there's silence and the call disconnects?

Firstly, check your handset, switch it on and off again, and restart your system. It sounds obvious but 9/10 it's a handset glitch where our system hasn't recognised yours.

Secondly, don't panic - call the person back via the email you received so you don't lose them. Unless the problem happens consistently (twice in a row, more than three times in the same hour) it is likely to be due to the following known concerns:

Known Interference with pressing 1

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phones systems sometimes run into DTMF issues because the system uses non-standard DTMF tones by default. These problems can usually be resolved by altering the settings on the VoIP system itself. If a VoIP system provides multiple DTMF options, try testing each of these options to see which one works the best.

Google Voice

The browser-based version of Google Voice has known issues with DTMF.

Environmental Factors

Any issue which causes sound to be lost or altered, such as poor reception, poor audio quality or significant background noise, can also make it difficult for carriers to distinguish between DTMF and other noise.

If you're worried about this error and it keeps happening, drop us a message on Intercom or email with the following info:

Call ID

We really appreciate as much info as possible, otherwise we're going in blind. You can find this in Call Reports.

We'll take a look for you as soon as we can. Let us know if it's happened more than once in the same day as this helps us to escalate the issue.

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