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How to set up multiple independent domains on one account
How to set up multiple independent domains on one account

Set up multiple domains and differentiate between them using alias names

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Because you can set up as many domains as you like under one account, it can be difficult to know which site your callbacks are generated from. This is especially difficult if you share sales agents or teams across your sites.

To add another domain, simply go to My Widget Domains > New Widget.

When you set up a new widget, you have the option to add an Alias, which is read out by an electronic voice when we call you. We also call this a 'whisper'.

When you answer a callback, our electronic system will tell you which domain the call comes from before our greeting lets you know it's a new ResponseiQ call.

TIP: Robots are not perfect, so you might want to spell your alias phonetically or use an acronym (or just enjoy the quirk of electronic voice systems!)

If you want to edit the alias name for an existing domain, just go to Settings and enter your chosen alias.

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