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Setting up a department/location/agent dropdown option on the widget
Setting up a department/location/agent dropdown option on the widget

Allow users to select a department/specific agent or location to speak to

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If you want to give your site visitors the option to speak to a specific agent, a team in a certain location or a department relevant to their enquiry, you can configure the widget to present this option.

Note: These options will only show during your opening hours. If you have the schedule feature enabled, visitors cannot make a selection.

Example: Department Selector

In this situation, a visitor can use the drop-down menu to select from commercial or buy-to-let teams. Each unique department is set up to go to a unique number.

Configuring Settings

  1. Go to the Widget Customisation tab and choose your option. In this example, we'll be looking at the department option. 

  2. Click Save to reveal a new option in the drop-down menu on your dashboard.

3. Enter as many departments as you need and treat them as agents with individual numbers and editable opening hours.

4. You're now ready to receive department specific enquiries via the widget!

Setting up Location and Agent Selector Option

Follow steps 1-3, selecting either 'location' or 'agents' from the drop-down section in the Widget Customisation tab. The process is exactly the same, but if you get stuck, please email us at and we'll be able to assist you. 

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