When someone enters their number into the widget, our technology calls your line. We only generate the outbound call to the customer when you have answered our inbound call.

How to claim the call

  1. We call you from a unique local number (which we buy and use for your account only). Once an agent picks up, they will hear a voice that says "You've got a call from ResponseiQ, press 1 to be connected."
  2. If you are set up with an extension/unique identifying number, you will then be asked to enter your extension number followed by the * key.
  3. Once these details have been entered, our technology then generates an inbound call to the customer, sending an email to the sales agent with the customer's phone number and a link to the page the customer was on at the time they requested a callback.
  4. In a matter of seconds, your agent will be on the phone to someone who not only wants to talk to them and potentially make a purchase.

Important next step: Don't forget to verify your number so your real line comes up on the lead's phone.

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