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How to answer a ResponseiQ call
How to answer a ResponseiQ call

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When someone enters their number into the widget, our technology calls your line. We only generate the outbound call to the customer when you have answered our inbound call.

How to claim the call

The way in which you claim a call from ResponseiQ is entirely dependant on the Call Scenario you are operating on. See below for the different methods of claiming a call:

Internal Phone System (IPS) 

Once an agent picks up, they will hear the audio prompt from ResponseiQ. To claim the call, they must then press 1 to be connected. Once accepted, the agent will then be asked to input their individual extension number. This MUST be followed by the * key. Otherwise, the extension will not be accepted, leaving the call unclaimed. 

Simultaneous, Round Robin (Static), Round Robin (Waterfall) & Balanced

If using any of these Call Scenarios, the agents can answer the phone and press 1. No extension or * key needed here.


As the name suggests, this Call Scenario doesn’t require any input from the agent. They can simply answer the phone to be connected to the customer. Nothing else is needed. 

Important next step: Don't forget to verify your number so your real line comes up on the lead's phone.

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