The dashboard tells you everything you need to know about your ResponseiQ account. To delve deeper into your calls, you'll need take a look at your call reports:

Call List: Status icons

Call has successfully connected 

We called the customer but they did not pick up

Agent/Agents did not pick up (missed call)

Customer was on the phone when we called them (engaged)

Call has been scheduled but hasn't happened yet

Call List > Advanced Filters

Use this section to dive deeper into every unique aspect of widget activity, including referral sites (PPC/Adwords etc), connected calls, agent activity and more.

Looking at % of connected calls on the dashboard

If you're looking at your dashboard and struggling to understand why some of your calls weren't 'connected', you'll get a clearer picture by looking at some of the status icons explained above. 

Rather than scrolling through the report, you can also use the Advanced Filters button at the top of the report page and the use Status drop-down to highlight particular areas of interest/concern. 

Once you have selected an area of focus, you can continue to select other data fields and either view the results on the dashboard or export for external purposes.

Referring sites

If you're not tracking via Google Analytics, you can use our dashboard to find out which referrer URLs are leading to callback pages. You will need to select one at a time to evaluate volume, so this can take a bit of time.

Access this via Call Reports > Advanced Filters > Referring Website

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