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Widget Security: stopping spammers and block repeat offenders
Widget Security: stopping spammers and block repeat offenders

How to stop people spamming or pranking your widget

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We take security seriously, and the last thing we want is tricksters overloading your widget and hindering real customer callbacks.

Previously, you could block a specific IP address or telephone number - that's now changed following the introduction of the 2018 GDPR regulation.

In order to protect the privacy of your leads, we have moved onto a cookie-based system. To block someone, all you need to do is go to your Call Reports page, click on the 'i' icon and add the visitor ID to your blacklist.

If the person who received the callback did not request it, and has been the victim of a prank, you can also block their number to ensure they do not receive any more ResponseiQ calls. Here's how:

Settings > Blacklist phone numbers > Add

Another precaution we take is ensuring that site visitors can only request a callback once every five minutes. This helps make sure that bots/spammers cannot send fake calls through the widget. 

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