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How to verify your phone number as an outgoing caller ID
How to verify your phone number as an outgoing caller ID

Make sure your number shows up when you call a lead.

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When someone requests a callback, we call your agents on a unique local number which we use just for your business (example below). If you want to display your real number as the outgoing Caller ID, you will need to verify your number. 

To do this, simply go to Settings > Outgoing Caller IDs and click "Verify Number". 

You'll then be taken to this page:

To verify your number, simply select your country from the dropdown menu, enter your number (without the country code) and click submit.

If you have chosen to verify more than one number, then these can be changed and chosen between in the Call Settings tab. Simply go to Settings > Call Settings.

Alternatively, if you wish to override the number you have verified you can do so. You have the option to show the Agent’s direct line to the lead instead. If this is enabled then the lead will have the direct line of the agent they spoke to, thus making the process of missed calls or callbacks more efficient. 

You can see if your number has been updated by checking the 'When you call a lead' field (shown above). If it has changed, your number has been successfully verified. If not, please email and we'll get it sorted for you. 

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