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Adding the widget to multiple domains on the same account
Adding the widget to multiple domains on the same account

Multiple domain installation without limits

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We're a generous bunch at ResponseiQ. If you own more than one domain or you have multiple companies trading under the same business, you can simply install them separately and monitor them under one account.

First, log in to your ResponseiQ platform and select My Widget Domains > New Widget. Remember to label each domain with an alias (e.g ReponseiQ) instead of a URL (such as as our system will read this name out electronically in any recordings between incoming leads and your system.

Tip: It sometimes helps to write in phonetics so the electronic voice can process the words.

For each unique domain, simply repeat the steps above. 

Be sure to select your call settings, add your agents, adjust your hours and install the widget on the site as you have with your first widget

You can also create unique widgets to show up on specific pages within one domain by setting up URL and keyword-based widgets. 

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