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Call scenario settings explained
Call scenario settings explained

Find out which call setting is best for your business

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Internal phone system (one number, multiple agents)

Our most popular and recommended setting

All agents in this option are set up on the same phone number/hunt group number. The call will come through to your agents as a normal inbound call, and the first agent to press 1 and successfully enter their extension number will connect to the lead.  The extension numbers you set can be real or made up purely for the purposes of identifying the agent in the system. 

Step 1: Update your settings in Settings > Call Settings and hit Submit.

Step 2: Make sure you have a complete list of all the agents with their email addresses and extension numbers ready to input.

Please note: Most people use existing internal extension numbers but any unique selection of digits will work. Just remember to note them down and share them with your agents so they don't forget! You can read our guide to collecting a callback here.

Step 3: Go to the Agents tab and set your company hours to reflect the latest time an agent is available to answer calls.

If an agent is on holiday, off sick etc., you can simply mark them as inactive until they return so they don't receive any calls during this period. 

To add agents' extension numbers, simply click the blue pencil (circled above) next to their details. To claim a call, agents just need to press 1 then enter their extension number followed by *.

Remember: If you are using a main phone line, you will need to ensure you accommodate any IVR selections and hold times.

When you open the Company Hours screen, input the IVR extension for your sales team in the 'Ext' field, then time how long your automatic greeting and IVR navigation takes (in seconds) and add this into the second box.

Hit Save and you're all set up.


All agents receive the call to their unique phone numbers, and the first one to pick up claims the call. As before, go to Settings > Call Settings to activate.
Your agents only need to press 1 to claim the call; no extension number is needed. Don't forget to define individual working hours when setting up each agent on the system by clicking the blue edit button.

You'll then be taken to this screen where you can set individual agent hours. Don't forget to mark agents as inactive if they're on holiday/off sick etc.

Round Robin (static)

Using the Round Robin setting, you can prioritise certain agents so they will receive the call first. If they fail to answer, it will ring the next agent on your list and continue until the call is claimed. The Round Robin will never deviate from the order you set.

You can also set the ringing time before the system moves on, as shown above. We recommend to keep it below 30 seconds, so your caller doesn't have to wait too long.

Round Robin (Waterfall)

You can also order your agents so that if the first one misses a call, it automatically goes through to the next available agent. The person who takes a call will then go to the bottom of the list.

For both of these settings, use the Agents tab and change the order by dragging the arrows up and down. The Round Robin settings will also work around your agents' hours, meaning if they're our of hours or marked as inactive, the call will go to the next available agent on the list. 


Calls are assigned completely at random.


We will send the call to the customer as soon as the call is picked up by your phone line/agent. No digits need to be pressed with this setting.

Please note: the 'whisper' will introduce itself on the line, your agent just has to wait to be connected to the customer.

Final Steps

Once you've set yourself up, ensure you have verified your line so that customers can see your number. 

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