Scheduled calls

Allow customers to choose when you call them back, even when you're out of the office

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How scheduling works during your company hours

We highly recommend that you enable the schedule feature when setting up and customising your widget. By enabling this feature within office hours as well as outside of them, you are increasing the likelihood of engaging the maximum number of potential customers.

To set this up, simply go to the Widget Customisation tab and ensure you have selected 'yes' to accepting scheduled and immediate callbacks.

You do not need to do anything when a call is scheduled - just wait for your phone to ring.

How scheduling works outside company hours

SMS Alerts

Go to Settings > Out of Hours Settings and Enable SMS Reminders for prospects in the UK and USA who have scheduled a call with you. They can also cancel their callback via the message.

Notification emails for scheduled calls

Go to: Settings > Email Notifications and Alerts > Send scheduled Emails

By default, we will send an email to all agents in the agents tab every time a visitor schedules a call, regardless of when that call is scheduled to come through.

To avoid confusion, we recommend turning this off, or adding only a selected email address to receive these. Don't forget, this alert is just to make you aware that a callback has been requested, but will be sent out at a later point during the week.

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